Guardians of Music Schools’ Competition

The Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office (CAIPO) and the Copyright Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers Incorporated (COSCAP) through their secondary schools’ programme the “Guardians of Music” launched the new edition of the "Sing a Tune" songwriting competition on 1 May 2015.  The objectives of the competition are:

  • to encourage creativity, camaraderie and team building
  • to stimulate the interest of students in all aspects of music creation and production and in so doing,
  • to promote knowledge of copyright and the creative industries

The guidelines for the competition are as follows:

Phase 1

Students enter original songs in any genre as individuals or in groups of up to 3 persons.

The songs should consist words and melody.

The top 5 songs will be selected by a jury consisting 5 judges.

The deadline for submission for Phase 1 is 29 July 2016.

Submission can be either electronically on, email:   or by submitting a CD at COSCAP's office.

Phase 2

The writers of the top 5 songs will work with a Guardian of Music who will assist them in ensuring that the song is properly arranged

Each song will be professionally recorded in a local studio

Each song will then be judged by a jury consisting of 3 judges to determine the best written song in terms of lyrics and melody.

The deadline for completion of the recordings for Phase 2 is 30th September 2016.

The winners will be announced by 15th October 2016.

There will be a special prize for the best nation building song.


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