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Exciting, mesmerizing and energetic are just a few words to describe entertainer, Khiomal Nurse. Whether he is singing or wining his waist, Khiomal certainly keeps his fans attention with his talent. Hailing from the island of Barbados, Khiomal is adding to the list of why Barbados is one of the leading islands for Soca and calypso music.

Performing comes natural to Khiomal, as he captured his first award with the 1996 Pinelands Calypso Monarch title, when he was just fourteen years of age. That same year, Khiomal was a finalist at the Richard Stoute Teen Talent Contest. He's since captured numerous titles including the Pinelands Calypso Monarch title a second and third time in 1997 and 1998. He also won the Junior Calypso Monarch title in 1998. At the age of 17, Khiomal went on to leave the junior competitions and compete against some of Calypso's top artistes at the Pic-O-De-Crop competition (held in Barbados).

Here he became one of the youngest finalists ever in the competition, and placed third runner up. He also won the award for the Best Nation-Building Song for that competition. Khiomal went on to become the lead vocalist for the band, Caribbean Music Machine, where he gained his first experiences performing in hotels and nightclubs.

He later joined Double Xplojun in 2000 until he was sought by one of Soca music's top bands, Krosfyah. He considered the offer, "a dream come true," as Krosfyah was always a favourite growing up. Here (in Krosfyah) he has gained international exposure performing throughout the Caribbean, North & South America, and Europe.

In 2001, Khiomal alongside Edwin Yearwood, captured the Tune of The Crop with their hit,"Sak Pase." The song became an instant classic, and has since been recorded in Creole in addition to a music video to follow. An integral role in Krosfyah, Khiomal has sharpened his writing skills and gone on to write and sing songs such as,"Hurricane," "Pressure""I Want You," "Can I Hold You Tonight," and "Ready to Blow."

Khiomal's performances range from singing ballads such as"Free of You," to high energetic, dance-infused tunes like, "Get Out De Way." Khiomal has proven that hard work and persistence definitely pays off.

After being a finalist year after year in the Party Monarch Competition, with songs like Strong Back, Welcome to the band and Bashment Bacchanal Feat Mikey, he captured the crown in 2008. Creating a spectacle with the song Unleash the beast, a true testament to the energy that is Khiomal on stage and a Slogan for the MONSTER ARMY, of which he is a General. 

In January of this year Khiomal was given the honour of Opening the Ceremony at the Barbados Music Awards, where he also walked away with the coveted title of “Male Entertainer of the Year". He also represented his country at the International Soca Monarch Competition in Trinidad and Tobago.

With a great stage presence, Khiomal always keeps his audience entertained. One can't help to think what Khiomal can't do. With a waist like rubber, and a voice like sugar, Khiomal intends to make his mark in Soca music. Never a dull moment while he's performing, it's not unusual to catch a glimpse of females staring or attempting to grab at Khiomal, as his movements can be hypnotizing. With a love for all genres of music, Khiomal can sing anything from R & B, Reggae, and of course, Calypso and Soca. Rather quiet and soft-spoken in nature, one would never know as soon as he is given a microphone. A hard worker and perfectionist, Khiomal is truly a young star on the rise!

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